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Discovery Carts

Discovery Carts

Look out for Science Center staff at the Discovery Carts! They can be found throughout the exhibit halls demonstrating exciting, fun-filled science activities. Each cart highlights a science topic inspired by one of our exhibits and our knowledgeable presenters would just love to help you learn new things.

Disney Court Disney Court Air and Space Gallery
World of Life Creative World Where Would You Like to Go?
Sky Court Sky Court Where Would You Like to Go?
Special Exhibits Creative World Where Would You Like to Go?

Heart Cart
Heart CartUncover the mechanics of your ticker by investigating a model heart. An examination of the cardiovascular system illustrates the body’s transportation structures.

Fun Lab Activity - Exercise

Brain Cart
Breathing, eating, dancing, singing.  Your brain controls all of the actions, but how?  Investigate how the brain works with experiments and demonstrations.

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Scope on a Rope
Scope on a RopeSee what different objects look like when they are blown up in size - with a powerful digital microscope! You'll get to learn how a hand-held microscope is used and see things the way you've never seen them before.




Cell Theater
Cell Theater
Step into the Cell Theater to take a look at real microorganisms. They're projected onto a giant microscope screen so you're sure to get a good view no matter where you stand. See how microorganisms live and learn what you have in common with a Paramecium.

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Focus on light and how it behaves. Experimenting with mirrors, lenses and prisms allows you to change light’s direction, spread it out and break it apart. A high-"light" of any visit.

Fun Lab Activity - Bend a Pencil

Slime Bar

Slime Bar
Polymer science gets gooey as you make your very own batch of creepy, squishy slime. Discover how tiny molecules get together to form long chains of goopy ooze. What could be more fun?

Fun Lab Activity - Gak

Learn about various types of telescopes by experimenting with different lenses and lighting for a close up view of the world around you.

Explore electromagnetic force with hands-on magnet and electricity activities including a Van de Graaf generator demonstration about static electricity guaranteed to be a hair-raising experience.

Light and Sound
See sound and listen to light! Investigate how we communicate.
Located on the 2nd Floor in the Tech Revue Theater.

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Air Pressure Cart
Air Pressure Cart
Modern life sure is stressful. Perhaps it’s because we are under pressure by the very air we breathe. Discover its strength by lifting an air-rocket off the ground.

Fun Lab Activity - Floating in Air

Fun Lab Activity - Funnel Challenge


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