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Discovery Rooms

Within the three main exhibit halls of the Science Center you can find uniquely innovative rooms designed to foster and support young children’s first science explorations. These learning environments provide opportunities for interactive, inquiry-based investigations that prepare young visitors for later science experiences.

Children, families and school groups can utilize the Discovery Rooms, which include interactive exhibits, storytelling, hands-on Discovery Boxes, animal displays and space for self-directed explorations of artifacts, models and other materials. Activities are designed to promote adult-child interaction and cooperative learning among children.

Discovery Rooms are designed for children 7 years of age and younger. All guests are required to wear shoes or socks while enjoying the Discovery Room activities.

During peak hours and times we have a 20 minute rotation in our rooms. This allows for many of our younger guests to enjoy the rooms during operating hours.

Explore our Discovery Rooms:

- Creative World Discovery Room
- Ecosystems Family Discovery Room
- World of Life Discovery Room


Additional Programs for Young Scientists:

Click here for information on field trip programs for young learners.

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