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Grades: 5 - 8

Students will construct small projectile launchers and conduct experiments to investigate how the variables of launch angle, launch force, launch point affects distance travelled. The program will conclude with students applying what they have discovered to our large Tennis Ball Launchers as they try to hit a target.

General Outline of Program:
- Welcome to the Big Lab
- Construct a working projectile launcher in small groups
- Discuss variables and forces present in the system
- In groups, conduct experiments to determine optimal launching
- Apply results from testing to the large Tennis Ball Laucher

California State Science Standards related to program:
5th Grade
Investigation and Experimentation: 6.b, 6.c, 6.d, 6.e, 6.f, 6.g, 6.h

6th Grade
Investigation and Experimentation: 7.a, 7.b, 7.d, 7.e

7th Grade
Investigation and Experimentation: 7.a, 7.e

8th Grade
Motion: 1.a
Forces: 2.b, 2.c, 2.e
Investigation and Experimentation: 7.a, 7.b, 7.c, 7.d, 7.e, 7.h


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