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Booking Your Program

Call (213) 744-7444
e-mail [email protected]

Program Fees and Information

Desert Dome
Astro Adventures
Grade Level:
K-5 (content adjusted per grade level and class)
K-8 (content adjusted per grade level and class)
Number of students per program:
45 students or approximately 2 elementary classes in each presentation
Based on the needs of the school
$595, inculdes 3 programs for up to 120 students total
Full Program:
$745, includes program for up to 120 students
Assembly Only:
$595, includes one assembly program
Additional Program Cost:
$150 for each additional program; up to 6 per day
$150 for additional 100 participants or additional assembly program
Space Requirements:
Clean 25' x 25' indoor space with a 12' ceiling clearnace, 2 electrical outlets, access to the space 1 hour before and 1 hour after program
One indoor and one outdoor space, and access to the spaces 1 hour before and 1 hour after program
Programs cannot be presented outdoors
Programs more than 50 miles from the Science Center will be charged an additional travel fee of $50 (50-100 miles an additional $50, 100-150 miles an additional $100)
If there is more than a combined 1 hour between programs, an additional time fee of $50 will be added
To cancel a program, you must call 213-744-7444 at least 3 weeks prior to your scheduled program date. Program fees paid in full will be refunded (less the deposit fee of $150)