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About Astro Adventures

Experience all the excitement of being an astronaut without ever leaving the ground!  Learn about the forces, temperatures, and pressures that astronauts have to overcome to get to and survive in space.

Astro Adventures is an exciting program that can be offered as a school program or for private events!

Current Topics: Forces of flight, Extreme Temperatures, Vacuum of Space, and Living in Space.

Target Grade Levels: This program can be offered to students in grades K-8, and the material can be adjusted if the group is one or two grade levels.

Our Audience Says:
“Thank you so much for the Science Night! I had so much fun! I really enjoyed learning about how to survive in space, how rockets work, and more about the solar system…”
-Daniela, 7th grade

“Thank you for coming to our school to teach us about science.  I learned a lot about catalysts and chemical reactions.”
-Kai, 6th grade