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Super Kids Academy

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About SuperKids Academy

Program developed with nutritionists

In SuperKids Academy students learn the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices as they help defeat the evil BLAHs! This show features a fun and colorful set, music and life-sized puppets.

Content Topics: SuperKids Academy primarily focuses on Health and Nutrition, while also supporting Language Arts, Visual Arts and Theater California State Curriculum Standards.

California Science and Health Standards Covered:

  • Eating a variety of foods, fruit and vegetables. giving your body the good fuel it needs
  • Six Food Groups
  • Importance of exercising each day
  • Portion Size and not overfilling your plate

Target Grade Levels: There are two versions of the show one primarily focused on grades K-2, with a second targeting grades 3-5.

Our Audience Says:
I never knew that if you don't eat breakfast, you will be sleepy and tired all day. The coolest thing I learned was that you need a lot of water like 8 cups to be good and run. -Jaire from 5th Grade

I never knew that junk food can get you sick when you eat it late at night. The coolest thing i learned was never eat junk food in the night. -Bryan from 5th Grade

The SuperKids Assembly was well received by all students and staff members. The performance was individualized to meet the needs of all grade levels. The differentiated presentation captured the attention of the entire audience. -S. Ahern, Principal

When kids talk about something for more than a day, you know it was fabulous! Many times, assemblies for my 1st graders just don't cut it, and the fact that my bilingual kids got it says a lot for your program. -M. Danielsson, Teacher

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Teacher Resources

SuperKids Activity Guide SuperKids Teacher Guide

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