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Resources for Teachers, Community Educators and Parents

Links to the World

Science Links from the California Science Center

NASA Ascent to Orbit
The NASA Ascent to Orbit curriculum is designed to provide training and technical assistance for elementary and middle school teachers, Grades 4-8. The program includes a thematic kit-based series of science investigations that provides hands-on, inquiry-based activities.

Kresa Educator Resource Hall
Site of teacher and parent workshops, the NASA Educator Resource Center and other materials available for educators.

Resources for Early Childhood Educators

Science Links from Other Institutions

National Science Teachers Association
The premier organization for science teachers of all grades - the National Science Teachers Association.

National Science Foundation
The National Science Foundation is the country’s primary science promoter.

American Association for the Advancement of Science
The AAAS sets the benchmarks for science education.

The National Academies
The organization that develops and publishes the National Science Education Standards.

Times in Education
A guide to help teachers of any subject incorporate the Los Angeles Times into their curriculums.

Museum Educators of Southern California
A site focusing on informal education that includes a comprehensive list of museums in Southern California.

The west coast hub of the Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence provides workshops, lectures and curricula for K-12 Teachers and Informal Educators.

Science Information

Energy Quest
Activities and information about energy in California.

How Stuff Works
Find out how anything works, from cars to cold fusion, here.

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
The world’s most powerful particle accelerator is also a great source for science education.

The Pictorial Periodic Table
Everything you wanted to know about the periodic table and the elements.

Think Quest: Math for Morons Like Us
A comprehensive warehouse of math formulas you can’t remember, but can’t live without.