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Air and Space Exhibits

Since before the dawn of history, the possibilities of flying and exploring the stars have excited our minds to great feats of imagination and ingenuity. Explore our unique collection of artifacts and hands-on activities to discover how humans design aircraft, spacecraft and space probes for specific tasks by using our knowledge of the principles of air, space and flight.

Samuel Oschin Pavilion

Space Shuttle EndeavourSpace Shuttle Endeavour

Begin your experience in Endeavour: The California Story, a companion exhibit featuring images and artifacts that relate the shuttle program to California, where the orbiters were built, and then see Endeavour at the Samuel Oschin Pavilion.

SKETCH Foundation Gallery

Now located in Science Court

Air and AircraftAir and Aircraft

By understanding how air flows, we create machines that can fly.

Humans in SpaceHumans in Space

We shelter and protect our bodies to journey into space.

Mission to the PlanetsMission to the Planets

We send missions to the planets to understand our solar system.

Stars and TelescopesStars and Telescopes

We collect starlight with telescopes to learn about the universe.

Air and Space Trivia QuizAir and Space Trivia Quiz

Explore the artifacts in the exhibit and on the Web, and then test your Air and Space smarts with this trivia quiz from our Fun Lab section, complete with images and sounds.

Link to Online ResourcesOnline Resources

Check here to find links to great sites on air and space topics.

Air and Aircraft image by Wernher Krutein/
Humans in Space image by NASA/JSC
Mission to the Planets by U.S. Geological Survey, NASA/JPL
Gemini Observatory/NOAO/AURA/NSF