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Saturn V Prevalve
...one of five liquid oxygen (LOX) valves on the Saturn V rocket, the rocket type that launched the Apollo moon missions.

Weight: 193 kilograms (425 pounds)
Line size: 17 inches in diameter

Liquid oxygen flow speed: 110,000 liters (29,000 gallons) a minute
Shutoff speed: 0.3 second
Contractor: Whittaker Controls, a subsidiary of Whittaker Corporation

The Saturn V rocket was used to launch the Apollo spacecrafts for missions to the moon, and each Saturn V rocket included five of these liquid oxygen (LOX) prevalves. The valve, one of the largest ever constructed for aerospace use, controls the flow of liquid oxygen upon launch. Liquid oxygen, a component of the rocket's propellant, flowed through the valve at 110,000 liters (29,000 gallons) a minute—enough to fill a typical backyard swimming pool! The valve could also shut off the flow in a third of a second.

The Science Center's Saturn V Prevalve
The prevalve we have on display at the Science Center was donated to us by the Whittaker Corporation in 1984. It was used in the initial qualification testing of the prevalve's design.

Saturn V Links
The Apollo Saturn Reference Page
This detailed page includes photos of existing elements of Saturn V rockets on display around the country, as well as links to the Saturn V flight manual and a complete "news reference" to provide background information on the Saturn V.

Saturn V Launch Vehicle
The National Air and Space Museum developed this page on the Saturn V, which includes a brief overview of the rocket along with labeled diagrams and a partial list of Saturn V vehicles and parts currently on display.

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