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...served as a kitchen in space for astronauts aboard Endeavour.

NASA astronaut Garrett Reisman poses in front of the SORG on Endeavour STS-123, with blue food trays stuck to the wall of lockers on the right. Food is attached to the trays, and trays attached to the walls, with Velcro.

photo credit: NASA


  • Conventional oven (no microwave ovens on the shuttle)
  • Rehydration station for adding water back into dried foods and drinks

Background Information

Astronauts on Endeavour used a special kitchen, called a galley, to prepare meals in space. The galley’s oven heats food, and a rehydration station adds hot or cold water to food and drinks. Water for the rehydration station comes from the orbiter’s fuel cells. The galley on display at the California Science Center is the Shuttle Orbiter Repackaged Galley (SORG), and Endeavour was the first orbiter to use it. Later, all the orbiters were updated to include the SORG.

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