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Space Shuttle Endeavour on display in the Samuel Oschin Pavilion

Samuel Oschin Pavilion, Space Shuttle Endeavour


Reservation Information

Visit our reservation information page for details on how to get timed reservations to see Endeavour.

While we are building Endeavour's permanent home, a new addition to the Science Center called the Samuel Oschin Air and Space Center, Endeavour can be viewed in the Samuel Oschin Pavilion. Guests who come to see Endeavour will begin their experience in Endeavour: The California Story, a companion exhibit featuring images and artifacts that relate the shuttle program to California, where the orbiters were built. Following their visit to The California Story, guests will be directed to the Samuel Oschin Pavilion to see Endeavour.

Visit our reservation information page for details on how to get timed reservations to see Endeavour on display in the Pavilion.

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Exhibit Highlights

California Story

Endeavour: The California Story celebrates Endeavour’s many scientific achievements and its strong connection to California, where all the orbiters were built. The California Story includes images of Endeavour under construction locally in Palmdale and Downey, as well as artifacts that flew into space aboard Endeavour. Dramatic video programs, such as one of the shuttle assembly, rollout and launch convey the emotion and power of Endeavour.

The Rocketdyne Operations Support Center (ROSC) monitored every space shuttle launch, from the first to the last, from right here in Southern California.
Space Potty
The space potty, or Waste Collection System, provided a high-tech solution to one of space travel's most pressing concerns.
Our galley served as a kitchen in space for astronauts aboard Endeavour.
Guests can touch these tires from Endeavour flight STS-134, which show the wear from landing on the runway.

Samuel Oschin Pavilion

In the Samuel Oschin Pavilion, guests will be able to see Endeavour up close and discover some of the science behind this amazing vehicle.The pavilion will feature images and video to introduce guests to Endeavour’s past missions and the crews who flew them.

Orbiter Vehicle-105 completed 25 missions into space, including the first service mission to the Hubble Space Telescope and the first mission to add a U.S.-built component to the International Space Station.
Serving as a workshop for astronauts, the SPACEHAB gave astronauts extra room to live and work in space.
Still the most advanced, efficient rocket engine in the world, space shuttle main engines helped push the shuttle up to orbit.


Learn about the EndeavourLA campaign and how you can support our mission to stimulate curiosity and inspire science learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a ticket to see the shuttle?

Timed reservations to see Endeavour are required for weekends, holidays, special events and high attendance seasons including Thanksgiving Week, Winter Break and Spring Break. Visit our reservation information page for details on how to obtain timed tickets.

Will I be able to sit inside the shuttle?

Endeavour is a priceless gift to the people of Los Angeles and California, and the California Science Center plans to maintain the highest standards of conservation to protect the shuttle. To preserve the vehicle for future generations, it will not be possible to enter or touch the vehicle. However, the Science Center is exploring display configurations that will permit guests to get as close to Endeavour as possible and to examine the orbiter from different perspectives and elevations.

Why was the Science Center picked to keep the shuttle?

We believe that we best met NASA’s criteria. We are dedicated to science learning and education and have an international reputation for high quality exhibits. Studies show that the Science Center is very effective at fulfilling its mission. California has a strong historic connection to the shuttles, as all of the orbiters were built in southern California.

Can you share more information about Samuel Oschin and the Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Oschin Family Foundation?

Mr. Samuel Oschin was an entrepreneur, explorer and philanthropist dedicated to giving to the Los Angeles community. His ambitious spirit enabled his success in a range of enterprises, from manufacturing to real estate development. Mr. Oschin's many adventures took him to Africa, the North Pole, the Amazon, and a 100-mile trek retracing Hannibal's crossing of the Alps. He founded the Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Oschin Family Foundation in 1981, which generously supports a variety of causes in the areas of astronomy, medicine, advocacy, the arts and education. His legacy lives on through the work of the Foundation.

The Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Oschin Family Foundation has committed a transformational gift to the California Science Center Foundation to establish the Samuel Oschin Air and Space Center. This gift is an unprecedented investment in science learning that will inspire future generations of explorers and scientists to dream about the possibilities.

Will any state money be used for the construction of the new building?

We do not anticipate any state general fund support for construction of the new Air and Space Center.

How can I support Endeavour?

You can sponsor a shuttle tile or make a donation to the EndeavourLA campaign to support our exciting efforts to create the Samuel Oschin Air and Space Center and sustain ongoing educational programs and operations of the California Science Center Foundation. Additional sponsorship and recognition opportunities are available. Larger gift commitments can be fulfilled in three to five years.