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Magic: The Science of Illusion

Magic: The Science of Illusion is a 6,000-8,000 ft2 exhibit about the science of magical illusions. The exhibit is designed around four main magical illusions: mentalism, levitation, transformation, and the disembodied head. Through engaging interactive exhibits, film, and immersion experiences, guests explore the principles of simple mechanics, optics, electromagnetism, math, and psychology that make these magical illusions possible. Other experiences include the Abracadabra! Theater, Close-up Magicians Training Academy, Magicians & Performances, and Magic Off-Stage film.

What Can Guests Learn and Do in The Magic Exhibit?

  • Guests experience magic as audience members and then "go behind the scenes" to find out how the illusion was created.
  • By exploring how magicians create magical illusions, guests learn about basic math, engineering, physical science, psychology principles and the art of magic performance.
  • Guests also gain an appreciation of magicians as innovators who continually experiment with science and art to keep one step ahead of their audience.
  • By exploring how people perceive magical illusions, guests learn about historical and cultural processes involved in perceiving and interpreting illusions.

What Are Some Of The Highlights Of The Magic Exhibit?


  • Illusion of a Disembodied Head - talk with a living disembodied head and then place your disembodied head on a platter
  • Illusion of Transformation - learn how to miraculously transform a light chest into one that is extremely heavy
  • Illusion of Mentalism - explore the science behind mind reading and how magicians know the outcome every time
  • Levitation - experience the illusion of rising and floating off the ground
  • Magician's and Performances - discover the history of the world's most famous magicians

What Educational Programs Accompany This Exhibit?

  • The Magician's Training Academy teaches guests how to perform simple close-up magic based on math and psychology.
  • In the Abracadabra! Theater, guests participate in a live magic performance on stage
  • Portable trunks with science demonstrations, costumes and props allow for educational programs on site as well as off site in the community.

Are there additional costs?

Additional Costs: Inbound shipping (4 trucks), Insurance, and Security (medium level)

What Does the Exhibit Package Include?Magician

  • Complete interactive components, associated graphics and labels
  • Exhibit supervisor for installation and dismantling
  • Associated costs for exhibit supervisor (per diem, lodging, travel)
  • Exhibit manual
  • Program manual complete with workshop training video
  • Portable exhibit trunks that can be used for auxiliary programming
  • Exhibit press kit, logo and related marketing materials
  • Exhibit website, www.magicexhibit.org

How Long Does Magic Usually Take to Install and Dismantle?

Installation and dismantling are 10 days each. This includes one supervisor who travels with the exhibit to oversee installation and dismantle.

For current availability, please view the latest Tour Schedule.

For rentals or more information contact:

Luke Fernandez
Manager of Special Exhibits
Phone: 213-744-7421 or
Email: [email protected]
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