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Science in Toyland

What is Science in Toyland All About?

Measuring 3,000 square feet, Science in Toyland utilizes toys to demonstrate scientific principles and encourage children to experiment. Toyland combines the fun of playing games with problem solving to foster a positive attitude towards science, and provides children with a rich mix of discovery and experimentation in a safe and dynamic environment.

What Kinds of Things Can Kids Learn and Do in Science in Toyland?

Younger children learn about shapes and pattern recognition while playing "construction worker" in Kids Construction Co, a partially completed wood and foam house. They finish the house by adding foam shingles to the roof, foam siding to the exterior, and cardboard bricks to a pretend fireplace.

In Tournament of Tops, children choose tops of varying sizes and spin them against other children's tops in a dish shaped rink to test which configurations produce the longest spins. This fun-filled component teaches kids about inertia, center of gravity and angular momentum.

Kids experiment with acceleration and momentum by adjusting the incline of a racetrack in the Roller Coaster component. Kids learn what happens to the speed of a toy car when the incline is positioned at a severe angle versus less severe angles.

In the Domino Challenge children set up dominoes in different configurations using various props with the sole purpose of triggering a chain reaction. Props include teeter-totters, swings, stairs, blocks and turners.

Children use Tinker Toys in Bridges and Cranes to build a bridge that spans across a two to eight-foot "valley". Kids experiment with different construction methods and learn which combination of shapes makes a sturdy truss or tall crane.

FishingChildren can Catch the Wind and discover the Bernoulli principle as they position the sails of a sail boat at different angles and watch how the wind causes the boat to move.

Kids fish for sea creatures with a magnetic fishing rod and learn about Food Webs by placing the fish cut-outs in an oceanic food web puzzle.


What Educational Programs accompany this Exhibit?

Toyworks: Playing with Science workshops introduce children to the process of making science-related toys from common household items. Workshop topics include: paper planes and copters, Tangrams, Thaumatropes, balancing toys, hanger chimes, roaring cups, cardboard kazoos, playdough/oobleck, cube puzzle, and paper polyhedra.

Science Live! demonstrations engage guests through large-scale presentations linking science and toys.

Balloon Science demonstrations use a single toy - a balloon - to highlight scientific principles such as static electricity, transportation, and sound production and enhancement.

Kids in ToylandToys in Motion demonstrations focus on scientific principles associated with motion. Using items such as various sized balls, matchbox cars, and a bike wheel with handles presenters show guests the physical side of the science of gravity and downward acceleration, angular momentum and inertia, and actions and reactions.

Are there additional costs?

Additional Costs: Inbound shipping (2 trucks), Insurance, and Security (medium level)

How Long Does Toyland Usually Take to Install and Dismantle?

Installation and dismantling are 5 days each. This includes one supervisor who travels with the exhibit to oversee installation and dismantle.

For rental pricing or more information contact:

Luke Fernandez
Manager of Special Exhibits
Phone: 213-744-7421 or
Email: [email protected]
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