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Family Discovery Room

Ecology becomes approachable for young learners when it’s put in a context they recognize: the home. Explore how our human habitat provides us with food, water and shelter. You can also discover the ways pets—and pests—use our homes and yards to develop habitats of their own.

Cool things to discover in this room!
Oh no, pests have invaded our kitchen! Come see the house mice, American cockroaches and even Madagascar hissing cockroaches that are living inside our kitchen cabinets. Why are they in there? Explore our interactive Discovery Boxes that you can check out at any time for more hands-on fun. Plus, don't forget to check out how we are helping the environment by creating fresh soil in our backyard compost bin.

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Discovery Rooms are designed for children 7 years of age and younger. All guests are required to wear shoes or socks while enjoying the Discovery Room activities.

During peak times we have a 20-minute rotation in our rooms. This allows for more of our younger guests to enjoy the rooms during their visits to the Science Center.

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Try out some activities at home in the Fun Lab

Just for Groups
Discovery Lab programs include facilitated investigations for preschool and early elementary groups. Click here for information on field trip programs for young learners.

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