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River Zone

Water can carve mountains, excavate canyons, and even shape the creatures that call it home. In the River Zone, you can experiment with the forces that play a fundamental role in how we live on Earth. Make your own watersheds, rivers and jet streams, and learn how energy and matter flow across our planet.

Exhibit Highlights
Don’t Get Carried Away
Discover which body shapes are best-suited to life in flow by testing different forms in a hand-powered model river.
Rivers of Air
Water isn’t the only fluid that shapes the landscape. Experiment with wind: power up one of four blowers and send streams of rippling air along a wall of shimmering sequins.
Carving the Landscape
Dig a channel, build a dam and see how the flow of water changes as it travels across the sandy landscape you’ve created. Have fun as you see how water and sand interact.
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