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Online Resources

These links, selected by Curator Chuck Kopczak, are great sources to learn more about biology topics like the ones in World of Life.

Human Body and Mind
On this website from the BBC, you can build a skeleton, stretch some muscles and organize the organs in the interactive body. Discover how the body changes during puberty. And put your senses to the test in the Senses Challenge.

Cool Science for Curious Kids
Explore biology with a peek into your salad bowl, a virtual trip into a miniature world, and more! This website from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute's is a popular online educational tool for students from Kindergarten through 4th grade..

This site from the USDA's Agricultural Research Service recounts real stories about what scientists do at the ARS. Kids can find out that science isn't something far away in a laboratory. It's wired right into our daily lives—to the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the water we drink.

Health Windows Jr.
This commercial-free zone helps kids learn how to live healthy and well. It features information on nutrition, fitness, the human body and more.

General InformationExhibitsEducationIMAXFun Lab