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World of Life photo

World of Life

All living creatures—from the single-celled amoeba all the way up to 100-trillion-celled human being—have the same life processes in common. Discover the connections between all life forms with a trip down the Life Tunnel and into the exhibits beyond. Be sure to explore the five life process galleries: Energy Factory, Supply Network, Control Center, Defense Line and Life Source.

"From apple trees to honey bees, we're more alike than you think."

Energy Factory

Discover the different ways we all take in energy.

Supply Network

Explore how we all take in supplies and get rid of waste.

Control Center

See how we all react to the world around us.

Defense Line

Investigate the methods we use to defend ourselves.

Life Source

Find out how we all reproduce and pass on genetic information.


Learn how organs work together to keep your body in balance.

Cell Lab

Discover one-celled creatures and how they do the life processes.

Discovery Room

Visit this hands-on activity area especially for younger kids.

Link to Whack A Germ interactive gameWhack-a-Germ

Squash germ invaders before they take over your body! This game is inspired by the Defense Line exhibits in World of Life.

Link to Online ResourcesOnline Resources

Check here to find links to great sites about biology.