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Nutrition In Your Food

Food For Thought

Your body needs lots of nutrients to help you grow and to give you energy to do everything that you do from running to jumping and from playing to learning. You could say that nutrients are the building blocks that help build you into what you are.

The nutrients that you are made out of are proteins, carbohydrates, fats and oils, minerals and vitamins, and water.

The Skipping Breakfast BLAH
Start your day off by eating breakfast to avoid being tired the rest of the day.
You get your nutrients and energy from the food that you eat. And to start off the day with enough energy to be active, you need to make sure that you eat your breakfast instead of sleeping in and skipping it. You also need to make sure that the food you’re eating is healthy and will provide you with plenty of nutrients rather than empty calories (food with lots of energy but no nutrients).

Proteins help you to grow. You are made out a lot of protein. If you weren’t, you’d look like skin and bones. Actually, your skin is also made out of protein so you’d look like a skeleton. Also, proteins help you to repair yourself when you get cuts. Proteins come from foods like fish, meat, chicken, eggs, soybeans, and many others.

Carbohydrates are a big source of energy for you. What is a carbohydrate? It’s starch and sugar. Watch out though, because sugar by itself or in junk food like candy provides energy but isn’t nutritious. This kind of sugar is called an empty calorie because it has energy but doesn’t provide you with anything else. Having too much can even harm you like with cavities in your teeth. Some forms of good carbohydrates are whole wheat bread, brown rice, pasta… a lot of foods that have grains.

The Junk Food BLAH
Junk food has more fats and oils than you need. But, you can get the right amounts you need from other foods.
Fats and Oils
Fats and oils make up the cells that bring other nutrients and the air that you breathe all around your body. They also control your body temperature and cushion body organs so that they are protected from things that could poke into it. Your body only needs a certain amount of fat, though. Having too much can clog the veins and arteries that carry blood around your body and overwork your heart to pump blood.

Vitamins and Minerals
Vitamins and minerals help to keep your bones growing, keep your body functioning properly, and keep you from getting sick.

Vitamins and Minerals

What Do They Do?

Where Are They From?


Build blood cells, help cells carry oxygen

Meat and vegetables


Build bones and teeth

Milk, cheese, dairy products, nuts, leafy vegetables


Build bones and teeth

Dairy products, fish, meat

Vitamin A

Strong bones, good vision, healthy skin

Dark green and yellow fruits and vegetables

Vitamin B

Healthy skin and brain. Turns carbohydrates into usable energy by the body.

Grains, fish, dairy, vegetables, oranges

Vitamin C

Healthy teeth, gums, and blood vessels

Fruits like oranges, strawberries and vegetables like broccoli and cabbage

Vitamin D

Strong bones


Vitamin E

Protect red blood cells

Grains, nuts, eggs

Vitamin K

Bone formation

Spinach, cabbage, cauliflower

Did you know that you’re mostly made of water? Around 60 percent of your body is made up of water. Having all that water helps you to carry other nutrients around your body, controls the temperature of your body, and moves food down along your system and eventually come out of your body. You can get a lot of water by drinking it by itself, in drinks, or from food. Many fruits are more than 90 percent water.

Ready for some fun? Time for some fun activities!

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