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Press Release Archive


Discovery Ball 2012 Post Release 05/21/12

California State Science Fair 2012 Awards 05/07/12

Autism: An Epidemic or a Matter of Definition? 04/20/12

61st California State Science Fair 04/20/12

Hands-On Science Camp Makes Summer Fun 03/05/12

The Muses 50th Anniversary Luncheon 01/11/12

Unveiling of CHIP Solar House 01/11/12



Flying Monsters 3D 9/8/11

Broadcom MASTERS™ 9/07/11

Statement Regarding Resolution of Legal Dispute with AFA 8/29/11

California Science Center Dismissed From AFA Lawsuit 8/29/11

Science Fair 2011 5/12/11

1001 Inventions: Discover the Golden Age of Muslim Civilization 4/26/11

Born to be Wild 3D 4/8/11


Nano Days 10/30/10

Dia de los Muertos 10/28/10

Sid the Science Kid 09/08/10

Exploring Trees Inside and Out 06/03/10

California State Science Fair 05/15/10

Mummies of the World 05/03/10

Science Matters - Sharing the Ocean 04/30/10

Science In The Park 02/03/10


Release of New Report On Seafood, Health, Environment 10/20/09

America I AM: The African American Imprint 9/23/09

RACE: Are We So Different? 9/18/09

Apollo XI Lunar Landing 7/15/09

2009 California State Science Fair Final Release 5/26/09

Identity: An Exhibition of You 5/22/09

California State Science Fair 5/18/09

“Cyberchase” to Showcase the Fun of Weather Science 4/25/09

Science Matters explores Eyewitness Testimony 4/15/09

Nano Days 4/05/09

It's Hands-on Science Camp for Summer Fun 3/12/09

Under the Sea 3D splashes onto the big screen 2/13/09



Science Matters explores the human genome 10/14/08

Target America Exhibition opens at the California Science Center 9/10/2008

California Science Center wins multiple awards 9/10/2008

Science Center wins 2008 BizBash Event Style Award 6/17/2008
(download photo)

Winners of 2008 California State Science Fair Announced 6/5/2008

International Unveiling of 16-foot Giraffe Specimen 6/4/2008

World No Tobacco Day Event at BODY WORLDS 3 5/30/2008

Science Fair Media Advisory 5/19/2008

57th Annual California State Science Fair 5/16/2008

Northrop Grumman Foundation Gives $100,000 Grant to the California State Science Fair 5/15/2008

Science Matters: The Science and Policy of Obesity 5/15/2008

Mummies 3D: Secrets of the Pharaohs 3/5/2008

BODY WORLDS 3 (en español) 2/27/08

Science Matters explores nuclear energy 2/20/08

Hands-On Science Camp 2/15/08



Science Matters Presents The Science and Ethics of Fear 10/22/07

California Science Center receives grant from NBC Universal Foundation 9/18/07

California Science Center partners with Getty Conservation Institute on new exhibit—FADE: The Dark Side of Light 9/12/07

Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure 3D 9/4/07

The MUSES Woman of the Year 6/22/07

Goose Bumps! The Science of Fear (en español) 6/8/07

Wired to Win 6/6/07

2007 California State Science Fair Winners Announced 5/24/07

Dinosaurs Alive 3D 5/10/07

56th California State Science Fair 4/30/07

Science Matters: Global Climate Change and the Human Response 4/17/07

9th Annual Discovery Ball Is Out-of-this-Galaxy 4/3/07

California Science Center Launches Program to Help
Central Valley Students Make Healthy Choices

Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination [en espanol] 1/25/07

Nanotechnology: Small World—Big Issues 1/9/07



Science Center marks passing of David J. Combs, Former Deputy Director for Education 11/6//06

Religion on the Brain 10/13/06

Gov. Schwarzenegger celebrates groundbreaking 10/2/06

Groundbreaking for World of Ecology Exhibit 10/2/06

Media Advisory—Microsoft event 9/27/06

Microsoft Executive Elected to the Board of Trustees 9/26/06

Photo of Sandi Thomas (JPEG) 9/26/06

Microsoft awards $1 Million to California Science Center 9/26/06

Animation exhibit 8/24/06

Hurricane on the Bayou Premieres at the IMAX® Theater 8/18/06

Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag Premieres at the IMAX® Theater 6/1/06

Winners of 2006 California State Science Fair Announced 5/26/06

55th Annual California State Science Fair 5/12/06

Marvel® Super Heroes™ Science Exhibition 4/10/06

Science Matters: The Science and Ethics of Reproductive Cloning 4/5/06

Hands-on Science Camp 3/16/06

Eighth Annual Discovery Ball 2006 2/24/06

Deep Sea 3D 2/21/06



"Defining Life and Death" Explored in Science Matters 12/16/05

Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D 9/15/05

Festival of Flight 2005 9/12/05

Science Matters: Promise and Pitfalls of Stem Cell Research 8/11/05

Magic: The Science of Illusion 7/25/05

Scientist of the Year 2005 7/22/05

Discovery Ball 2005 7/8/05

Wild Safari Family Event 6/9/05

Wild Safari 3D: A South African Adventure 6/2/05

Feel the Heat with Summer Lineup of Giant-Screen Films 5/31/05

Robots + Us now open 5/27/05

Winners of 2005 California State Science Fair Announced 5/27/05

54th Annual California State Science Fair 4/28/05

Hands-On Science Camp 4/18/05

Roar: Lions of the Kalahari 4/8/05

Nature is Focus of Spring IMAX Lineup 4/8/05

LAPD Investigating Theft of Plastinated Fetus 3/29/05

BODY WORLDS 2’s Final Farewell to Los Angeles 3/21/05

Robots + Us 3/3/05

BODY WORLDS open 24 Hours Saturday Night! 1/19/05

BODY WORLDS: Extended Weekend Hours 1/13/05

Forces of Nature IMAX film to open January 28, 2005 1/10/05

BODY WORLDS 2 Debuts January 29 1/5/05



New BODY WORLDS Plastinates 11/29/04

Day of the Dead Celebration / Celebración del Día de los Muertos 10/20/04

Lewis and Clark: Great Journey West 9/27/04

Construction Completed on Science Center School 8/26/04

Rudolph Elected Chair of American Association of Museums 8/25/04

Science Fair Winners 5/26/04

53rd Annual California State Science Fair 5/4/04

"Clean Power" Fuel Cell Exhibit 4/12/04

Science Fair Alert 5/24/04

Spring 2004 Calendar of Events 3/18/04

Hands-On Science Camp 3/16/04

"Making Healthy Choices" Women's Health Festival 2/19/04



Adopt-a-Plane Program 12/17/03

Bugs! in 3D 12/16/03

Coral Reef Adventure 12/16/03

Explorazone 10/8/03

Centennial of Flight Scheduled for Takeoff 10/8/03

OceanFest 2003 9/17/03

Centennial of Flight Festival calendar advisory 9/16/03

The Changing Face of Women's Health 9/12/03

Wallis Annenberg Announces Record Contribution 9/3/03

A-12 Media Advisory 8/26/03

A-12 Installation Heralds Centennial of Flight 8/26/03

Risk! 7/22/03

Volcanoes of the Deep Sea IMAX Film 7/17/03

52nd Annual California State Science Fair 5/12/03

California Scientists of the Year 2003 5/1/03

Space Station 3D 3/21/02 en español

International Robot Sumo Wrestling 3/11/04



Titanic: The Artifact Exhibit 10/22/02 en español

Titanic Press Kit 10/22/02

Titanica IMAX Film 1/30/03 en español

Jane Goodall's Wild Chimpanzees 8/15/02

IMAX Film Festival 8/12/02

SPEED: The Exhibit 6/24/02

51st California State Science Fair Winners 5/22/02

51st California State Science Fair 5/13/02

Scientist of the Year 2002 5/9/02

Hands-On Science Camp 4/8/02

Mathematica 3/15/2002

Jukebox Memories 3/15/2002

International Robot Sumo Wrestling 3/14/2002

Memory 3/6/02

Art and Science Studio: Taking Flight Exhibit 3/6/02

Air and Space Gallery Opens 2/25/02

Groundbreaking for Science Center School and Center for Science Learning 2/04/02

Discovery Ball 2002 2/03/02



The Human Body 9/22/01

Secrets of Aging 8/1301

Ocean Oasis 6/22/01

Science in the Dark 6/15/01

50th Annual California State Science Fair Winners 5/26/01

Five Millionth Visitor Celebration 5/26/01

Everest 05/07/01

50th Annual California State Science Fair 05/02/01

Microgravity Sciences Outreach Program 04/25/01

Call for California State Science Fair Alumni 04/19/01

Masters of the Night: The True Story of Bats 03/13/01

International Robot Sumo Wrestling Competition 03/07/01

Discovery Ball 2001 02/13/2001

Art & Science Studio 01/03/01



Dolphins 10/01/00

Science Spectacular 12/07/00

Journey Into Amazing Caves 12/06/00



Galapagos 10/25/99

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