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Micro-G and You:
Microgravity Sciences Outreach Program
Even eating becomes a microgravity experiment in space!
On May 2, 2001, top microgravity scientists and astronauts gathered at the Science Center to discuss how they use the nearly weightless environment found in space to conduct cutting-edge research. The Second Pan-Pacific Basin Workshop on Microgravity Sciences selected the California Science Center as the site for its outreach program, giving students, educators, researchers and the general public the opportunity to learn more about how research performed in the microgravity in space benefits us on Earth.
Candle flames in microgravity

The program included two separate sessions for different audiences. The morning session was designed for middle and high school students. Featured topics included a discussion of careers in space as well as a firsthand account of life in microgravity from Dr. Bernard Harris, a former Shuttle mission specialist and astronaut. To experience the event yourself, tune in to the archived Webcast from Session One.

The afternoon session was directed to the general public, and it included a live global town meeting with audiences in New Jersey, Hawaii, and Australia. Participants in the afternoon session heard from experts such as Gerard Faeth, professor, University of Michigan, on combustion; Nicholas Bigelow, professor, University of Rochester, on micro-measurement (as in the atomic clock); and Chiaki Mukai, astronaut and cardiovascular surgeon, on living and working in space. Jack Popejoy, morning news anchor for the Los Angeles-based radio station KFWB News 98, served as moderator for the session. To learn about microgravity research from the experts, tune in to the archived Webcast from Session Two.

For more information on the microgravity workshop, visit the Second Pan-Pacific Basin Workshop on Microgravity Sciences Web site. To review a press release about the event, visit our Media Room.

For the latest news on microgravity and space research, click here.

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