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Conan Nolan (moderator)

Reporter, NBC4

B.A., Political Science, University of California, Davis

Conan Nolan is a general assignment reporter for NBC4's "Channel 4 News" and co-host of "News Conference," the station's Sunday morning Public Affairs program. Since joining the station in 1986, Mr. Nolan has covered numerous important stories and currently covers local and state politics, including the 2006 Campaign for California Governor. In addition, his various foreign assignments have included reporting from Kuwait and Iraq while covering "Operation Iraqi Freedom" for both NBC4 and the NBC network. Mr. Nolan has won several awards for his work, including an Emmy for his reports from the Pakistani frontier on the U.S. led campaign to defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan, and a Golden Mike Award for a special report he did on the tiny South Pacific Island of Tuvalu which claims to be sinking due to global warming. From Columbine to the "Unabomber" to driving in front of O.J. Simpson during LAs most famous freeway chase, Conan Nolan has had a front row seat for some of the most important stories of the past 20 years.

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